The bvft offers four regular types of memberships: full membership, limited membership for students and entrants, associate membership and sustaining membership. Aside from these, there is the honorary membership. Honorary members are appointed by the general assembly.

Full membership:

The full membership is meant for professionals working in the film sound industry, who are well experienced in film sound creation. Besides the understandable main topic of personal success, a full member of the bvft is expected to commit to the interests of his or her profession, be it by supporting profession policy or by reinforcing the profession in the daily debate about wages and professional working conditions.

Full membership entitles the member to the use of the abbreviation “bvft”.
Full members are presented on the website of the bvft with their filmography.
Admission criteria:

  • A minimum of 3 commercial feature film projects, that the applicant worked on as a sound worker in the same position, directly responsible to direction or production.
  • Submission of a filmography.
  • The applicant is asked to name one or two full members, who can speak for them. This is to assist the board in decision-making – it is not an obligatory admission criteria.

The full membership costs 140€/year. It may be terminated to the end of each year, giving 2 months’ notice.

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Limited membership for students and entrants:

The limited membership for students and entrants aims at the young talents in film sound professions.
The applicant is expected to have exercised one film sound project under the chosen sound profession title, this can have been for an academic or no-budget film.
They are

  1. either students at an university, for example:
    – Filmuniversität Babelberg “Konrad Wolf”
    – Universität der Künste Berlin
    – Hochschule für Musik Detmold
    – Fachhochschule Düsseldorf (FH)
    – Robert – Schumann – Hochschule (RSH)
    – SAE School of Audio Engineering
    – ARD.ZDF medienakademie
    – SfT Schule für Tontechnik
    – or comparable training
  2. or has completed an apprenticeship as:
    -Sound and image media designer
    -Film or video editor
    – Sound technician, sound engineer, sound mixer
  3. or has completed a paid assistance or practical activity of a minimum of one year

Limited members receives access to all the information, meetings and contacts, that the association offers full members. The limited membership however does not entitle to use the abbreviation “bvft”. Limited members are invited to all general meetings. They are entitled to vote in the general assembly, except on amendments to the Articles. The limited member pays a reduced membership fee.

Fees for the limited membership are 50€/year. It may be terminated to the end of each year, giving 2 months’ notice. After three years, the limited membership automatically is converted to a full membership.

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Associate membership:

The associate membership is aimed at persons who are no active film sound workers, but want to contribute actively to the cause of the bvft. We are thinking of lecturers, members of other film professions, publicists, scientists or retirees. The associate membership is free of charge. Associate members are not allowed to vote. Candidates for the associate membership can be recommended by all members or they can apply for it themselves. Decisions on applications are made by the board.

If you are interested in becoming an associate member, please write an email to

Sustaining membership

The sustaining membership is aimed at companies and individuals and serves as the financial and moral support of the association. Sustaining members pay a self defined, annual amount, that should exceed the yearly fee of a full member. They are named in publications and on the website of the bvft  as sustaining members. They are not entitled to vote.

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