Becoming a Member

The bvft offers three kinds of memberships: full membership, limited membership for students and entrants and sponsoring membership.

bvft members take advantage of a range of benefits:

  • Networking with colleagues.
  • Advertisement with a personal profile on the bvft website and in print registers.
  • Representation of the issues of film sound professionals in the bargaining committee and other panels.
  • Free first consultation with our legal advisor.
  • Further training and exchange on our Regular Meetings.
  • Exchange and industry-wide information in a protected member’s forum.
  • Free or reduced access to exhibitions, film festivals and professional events
  • Free subscription to the magazine Professional Production.

The full membership contribution is 140 Euro/year.
The limited membership costs 50 Euro/year.
The membership contribution shall be collected by direct debit.
The membership may be terminated at the end of each year giving 2 month’s notice.

ยป further information on memberships

Full members receive a 50% discount on adverts in the Filmton Guide and on our Website!
If interested, please leave a note in the field “Remarks” and we will provide you with further information.