About the bvft

The German Association for Film Sound Professionals (German: Berufsvereinigung Filmton – bvft) is an association founded in 2003 that represents the interests of film sound professionals in Germany. Its aim is to reinforce the significance of film sound in the industry in its role as a fundamental layer of film. bvft also promotes the appreciation of film sound towards broadcasting stations, the film industry, politics and the public. It is a communication and experts platform for technical, creative and legal topics and offers its members a comprehensive range of services.

The over 430 members of the bvft include representatives of all film sound professions. Production sound mixers, boom operators, sound designers/editors, ADR, Foley and dubbing mixers, sound engineers, re-recording mixers and Foley artists are united under one roof. From the international award winner to the student, the bvft is a community of interest and a forum for the exchange of experience and communication.

The association is headquartered in Berlin and has regional groups in Munich and Cologne.

The representation of interests of the film sound professionals is achieved through voluntary, committee and association work. To this end, the association is advised by a specialist lawyer for copyright and media rights. The bvft is in touch with other national and international associations. It is member of the APWPT and the German association of filmmakers as well as partner of the trade union ver.di.

A key issue of the bvft is the recognition of copyright authorship of film sound professionals. This was partly achieved for the first time in 2014 with the Ergänzungstarifvertrag Erlösbeteiligung Kinofilm (Supplementary Wage Contract for Proceeds Participation in Feature Films).

The bvft is committed to improving public perception and appreciation of film sound and to effect fair and appropriate payment of film sound professionals. Sound design with today’s standards requires well trained and highly specialised film sound professionals who are able to deploy the dramaturgic means of film sound very precisely. The professional reality, however, has developed in the opposite direction of increasing qualitative requirements.

With its seat on the bargaining committee of the trade union ver.di, the bvft takes part in collective bargaining for collective wage agreements for film and television makers (TV FFS) employed for the duration of the production. Thus, the bvft becomes involved in the fair remuneration of film sound professionals. Moreover, it releases the bvft salary recommendation, which is updated yearly. It offers guidelines regarding minimum salaries for freelancers and employees in film sound production and post production.

Regular activities of the bvft include workshop discussions at film festivals, information events on current topics and the yearly publication of the bvft Film Sound Guide. The guide presents the members of the bvft and aids producers, directors and post production companies in their search for a suitable film sound professional. Additionally, it provides overall information on film sound design.

The service features of the association include a regular newsletter with current information and discussions, and an online forum in which members can discuss specific film sound issues and exchange personal experiences, as well as a free initial consultation on legal issues with the legal advisor of the association. Furthermore, it offers discount campaigns for hardware and software as well as free subscriptions to professional magazines. There are also preferential rates for members for insurance premiums and events.

Becoming a member

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Alternatively, admission forms are provided via info@bvft.de
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Berufsvereinigung Filmton e.V. – Friedrichstr. 210 – 10969 Berlin